Hanneford Circus has built a reputation in the past 38 years of producing quality family entertainment for young and old alike.
   Set against a colorful backdrop of carpeted flooring and a richly painted set, Royal Hanneford Circus today performs in large arenas, where the facilities permit the use of elaborate special lighting and production effects and rich costuming undreamed of in earlier-day circuses. The circus comes complete to you with all of our own personnel, performers, and insurance to guarantee that your circus will be one to remember.
   In keeping with their own professional status, they surround themselves with other featured circus acts of the very highest caliber and drawn from all parts of the globe. These acts are changed each year to permit variety and diversity in the program at each annual return visit of the Royal Hanneford Circus. It is fast becoming a circus tradition that selection of an act to appear with Royal Hanneford constitutes a significant professional honor.